Makhadzi before fame vs now

Makhadzi (born Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona; 30 June 1996) is an award-winning South African singer. She is known best known as the Queen of Limpompo.We try by all means to give you a throw back on her wonderful life before and after fame.

People say money can change people but l say time decides how you can look.

Our greatest setback in life is living without money but our greatest rise as blacks is being comfortable.This should motivate you that change is inevitable if you like.

This is our woman working Tuesday and we choose Makhadzi as the biggest example that you can live your best life if you are willing to do so.Often people say nothing is impossible and indeed in life its life that.











The days where you seems to be struggling with nothing might be over before you know it you can take inspiration in Makhadzi.Let us be honest nobody gave her the chance but she really transformed her life to be the best one that many can desire to live.

Now vs before ..the Queen is really enjoying life to the fullest look how stunning she is.

It is very clear that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals with determination and hard work you can do what you like and live your best life.

Inside her beautiful house

Outside her house

In many occasions we see negative things that are displayed in the media about her but nobody knows how she survived and made end meet. Few knows where the very talented singer from Limpompo is coming from.

She deserves her flowers and many women out there can be happy to meet this humble soul yet when they get a chance they attack her.

Let us have a country where women stop at nothing to support each other without any insults that we push each other daily to a greater heights.