Makhadzi Becomes Laughing Stock Once Again For Her Broken English

Despite the common belief that fluency in English does not necessarily indicate a high IQ, many people still use language skills, and especially the command of the English language, as a proxy for intellectual capacity. Negative assumptions are often made about those who are unable to speak English, even if they are illiterate. However, many members of society have trouble expressing themselves in English because they are part of a multicultural society where a number of languages are spoken. This does not mean, however, that they are incapable of communicating in any of the other languages they encounter.


It’s a common joke in South Africa that some famous people can’t spell, thus they’ve been accused of criminal behavior. Babes Wodumo is one of the famous people that has trouble communicating in interviews since she can not understand or speak English. However, the media’s attention has recently shifted to Makhadzi, another celebrity whose social media posts never fail to spark widespread ridicule.

Being the kind of artist she is and being so forthright about her job as a singer have helped her become one of the new celebrities in the entertainment industry, garnering a lot of attention in South Africa and other parts of the world. Not only is she one of the most modest stars the entertainment world has ever seen, but she also has a remarkable ability to remain calm in the face of constant attention. Makhadzi’s inability to spell English made him a punchline. Twitter users have expressed a desire for Makhadzi to hire someone to manage her social media accounts because they are sick of defending her against trolls.

In a post thanking her fans for “purchasing” her tickets, Makhadzi spelled the word “purchased” incorrectly. Others criticized her poor grammar, while yet others suggested she just publish in her own tongue.