Makhadzi appreciates Limpopo artists but did not mention Master KG

The year 2022 has been good to Makhadzi so far. It looks like there’s a lot in store for her and she will celebrate. Haters keep criticizing her but to what benefit, they end up looking stupid. Criticizing someone who is winning in their own league is a waste of time.

Makhadzi’s career is growing bigger and bigger daily, and soon we will be shocked to discover that she is known everywhere on earth. You should have seen how people in United Kingdom were singing with her during her performances. Probably 80% of the people who were singing can’t speak any of the South African languages but because Makhadzi’s music moves them they had to learn the lyrics.

She recently took to Facebook to appreciate fellow Limpopo artists. She spoke of the songs that are trending at the moment. Benny Mayengani, Tuksin and Lowsheen are some of the artists she mentioned but did not mention her king Master KG. Fans were impressed to know that although she is a big brand now she still appreciate other people.