Makhadzi allegedly Spills the beans on her issues with Open Mic

The well-known Venda Artist, Makhadzi has alluded that she had not been getting her royalties and also the sales money from Open Mic Productions all this long.

Makhadzi said that she knew that her contract was for 3 years, and she also waited for the 3 years and served the 3 albums agreement with Open Mic Productions.


There are many people who have offered to assist her with legal processes for free, especially some who are coming from the economic freedom fighters, who are lawyers, and believe that they can assist in dealing with all these problems.

It is said to see that record label companies continue to give problems for artists in such a manner, and this is something that is usual, especially when artists do not have the right legal teams to represent them in all these matters.

Makhadzi should accept the help that she is being offered and make sure that she deals with this production company.