Major League Djz Finds It Hard To Accept Major League Djz Finds It Hard To Accept Riky Rick’s Death

Major League Finds It Hard To Accept That Riky Rick Is No More

Major League Djz & Tydollar Sign

Major League Djz are currently climbing charts thanks to branching to Amapiano. The duo is clearly making money, their social media is filled with photos of themselves traveling all around the world. Even with all the success something seems to be missing in the twins’s lives, the duo posted on their social media about the late Riky Rick.






Its been a few months since the rapper took his life, his death was clearly unexpected and left those closest to him devastated which includes the Major League Djz. The Djs stated on their post that they couldn’t grasp reality that indeed Riky Rick is no longer in the physical world, they reminisced on traveling with the rapper around the world. The duo is still mourning the Sidlu Kotini rapper by the looks of things.

“Can’t believe my nigga Riky is not around fck this sh** cuts me deep. We use to travel the world together 🥺😥”

The duo once mentioned that Riky Rick was their cousin when asked to choose between the late rapper and Cassper Nyovest, they chose Riky in an heartbeat. They have created a number of songs that has topped the charts with the Cotton king. It was a norm to have him in their company and travel the world with.

Major League is clearly not the only one who misses Makhado, the likes of Cassper stated how surreal it was performing at the Cotton Fest without Riky. Youngsta CPT released a song dedicated to the rapper a couple of weeks ago. It’s definitely going to take time for it to sink in that he is no more.