Mahlatse Got Himself In A Big Trouble After Magongwa Suspecting Him About What Happened To Him

Alfred Magongwa suspect that Mahlatse made him blind , because finally Dr Hlongwane revealed what caused Magongwa’s visual weakness, so Alfred Magongwa considering Mahlatse the Moment he got some data about mixing manufactured compounds, and at present Mahlatse would prefer not to confess all about what happened at school that day.

Paxton Kgomo is astoundingly clever since he heard Mahlatse getting some data about mixing manufactured substances and a short time later he use it, but it never figured the facts may confirm that perilous, Mahlatse’s blunder is that he allowed to pulled string the second Alfred Magongwa go into the homeroom, thinking it is head Thobakgale.







At this point Alfred Magongwa has a lot of requests for Mahlatse and Mahlatse is frustrated considering the way that he is in like manner included, and Paxton Kgomo envision like he doesn’t know nothing, remember that he let his partners in on that there is someone who exhausted manufactured compounds into that can.