Magashule cellphone Will be allegedly tapped for his allegations against Jessie death, watch out

Magashule cellphone Will be allegedly tapped to intercept any communication in Jessie death.

Breaking news exclusive, Ace Magashule cellphone Will be tapped this day in a bid to intercept any communication regarding Jessie Duarte secret in the referenced yesterday, He should have been already aware that his cellphone is bugged, and he might be under surveillance wherever and whenever he goes. Exactly it seems the only clever person is Fraser anyway don’t feel sorry for him angisho his laughing with them, He’s very aware. He’s been there for a very long time, Is that legal to tap someone’s cellphone without the corrupt court’s consent? They have been doing it illegally anyway and with help from Zondo.








Someone said on Twitter that, Magashule was not afraid to talk lies about the dead. Jesse couldn’t tell him anything, as it was lying in her dying bed. As we were told, she was not decisive. Nonsense. You would have preferred if this was said by a lying Ramaphosa, I guess. Why would Ace talk lies live in TV if Jesse’s PA can refute the allegation? Occasionally we need to think before we jump to put our fingers on the keyboard. They are far much behind, I know Ace if they couldn’t tap it 20 years back what gives them assurance of phone they going to tap now. When coming to track tracing shame, forget.

The Grabber is in full force, and it only works once every 5 years

Instead of catching criminals, it is used for personal political battles. That was very childish of him to say in public. He must learn one or two things from Arthur Fraser. A man they cannot keep secretes, cannot be trusted.