MaDlamini In #Mnakwethu Got Everyone Talking In Social Media After She Shows This Attitude

MaDlamini In #Mnakwethu Got Everyone Talking In Social Media After She Shows This Attitude

Source: Hashtag #Mnakwethu Twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode

Isthembu (polygamy) is there to make men happy but hurting the women. The sad part from this episode is that all the second wives don’t care or consider the pain, hurt and feelings of the first wives being inflicted by their husbands and that it can also happen to them.





Two women that recently appeared in #Mnakwethu has left everyone talking in social media after noticing that they are fighting to be the first wife. In every episode of Mnakwethu we see two woman fighting each other. In the latest episode of Mnakwethu we meet two woman who are fighting to be MaMkhulu (matriarch).

A Man want to take his girlfriend named MaDlamini as his girlfriend. Apparently they once dated before and lost contacts and everyone moved on with their lives. Years after he met his wife MaCele where he got married he went and meet with his first girlfriend (MaDlamini) with a child from another man.

MaCele and MaDlamini are now fighting for the position of being the first wife. Apparently MaDlamini is refusing to accept that she is the second wife and MaCele is the fist wife regardless whether they meet before. Traditional MaCele is the first wife and MaDlamini is the second wife.
Who do you think is the wife here.

Mzansi has been saying that man need to be clear with their partner before they get married that they are for polygamy. Mzansi is convinced that cheating and using culture as an excuse.

Mzansi have noticed that MaDlamini is full of herself. She think she is better than MaCele. She is fighting for someone who has already opened a door for someone. She left mzansi talking when she said that she would leave her child if she were to get married to get married to her boyfriend.