Madam Boss shows off her cute baby girl, born a few months ago.

The famous Zimbabwean socialite made headlines when she announced that she was pregnant.

Many fans wished her well, and she made more headlines when she gave birth to her baby Dzabu.


Since then, she has received several gifts and messages from her family, friends and fans.

Makhadzi’s gift stood above all of the gifts she received, as she posted the screenshot.

Makhadzi sent Madam Boss R34,000.00 as a present for the baby.Expressing her gratitude, Madam Boss shared the proof of payment of Makhadzi’s bank transfer on her Instagram.

Her post left many Zimbabweans pondering about changing friends and choosing new friends who give them money like Makhadzi.

“@w.i.l.d_l.u.n.a I need new friends 😂”On her Instagram, Madam Boss shared the video of dancing with Makhadzi and attached a screenshot of a bank payment.

Madam Boss said she would b“The Queen coming with baby gift in style thank you @makhadzisa I really appreciate I will buy groceries lol not baby stuff

She spoke at large of how much happy and thankful she is to Makhadzi as she finished her quote. “Once again thank you and I love you”uy groceries with the money because the baby was drinking milk.After Madam Boss shared the great news of her baby gift from Makhadzi, most fans loved it and showed them love.

“Dzabu is indeed a blessing to the family, she came at the right time in your lives🙌🙌🙌”

“Woooow i really need new friends pliz vanogona kudaiso huyai titambe tese😢😢😢 i promise kuzvara fast..”

“wedywe more than 1500 usd dzabu une Marich aunties you are blessed”

“Level rako ndorino determiner your friends type…Iwewe can you give 10th yacho to your friends…Also love is not measured by money imwe friend can offer smthg special chisiri $”