MaCele is concerned about MaNgwabe and Musa Mseleku’s fights

A fight between Musa Mseleku and MaNgwabe has MaCele worried. When MaCele asked MaNgwabe how she was doing, all she could reply was, “I’m surviving,” in the second episode of Uthando Nesthembu’s sixth season.

You can see MaCele is unhappy by her response. She was expected to reply “yes” if she was fine, but her response “I’m surviving” indicates that she is in fact not.



MaCele began relating the meeting where MaNgwabe expressed discomfort and did not respond to all of MaCele’s inquiries. MaCele speculated that it was an attempt to deflect her queries during the discussion. MaCele told MaNgwabe that she was anxious about her and had even contacted their husband, Musa Mseleku, but MaNgwabe assured her that she was well.

MaCele continued by saying she was considering getting down with Musa and MaNgwabe for another meeting to ask them what the problem was.

MaCele explained, “I first informed him that I’ll sit both of you down and ask you what the problem is.

To refresh your memory, during the first episode, MaCele called a meeting and asked MaNgwabe if she is still happy with Musa Mseleku. She just stated, “I don’t know,” making it clear that she is unimpressed with Musa Mseleku.

Since MaCele only wanted a yes or no response, she would have said “yes” in an instant if she were happy.

MaNgwabe is now attempting to justify her previous actions by claiming that they were medically necessary. If MaNgwabe’s feelings for Musa Mseleku have changed, she should end the marriage, in my opinion. Thankfully, MaCele has recognized the tension between Musa and MaNgwabe and is willing to mediate their dispute.

In “MaNgwabe Displays Flames for Musa” by ZAlebs