Mableh bares all about Real Housewives of Durban lifestyles

This week, as the third sea­son of The Real House­wives of Durban wrapped up, Nonku Wil­li­ams reflec­ted on her por­trayal, telling the media she wasn’t accur­ately rep­res­en­ted.

She said she’s not vin­dict­ive or mali­cious, but expresses what she believes oth­ers are saying but don’t have the cour­age to say.



“In my 43 years of liv­ing I have never experienced so much tox­icity,” she said of the latest sea­son. “It was a real deal! Evil to the core,” Wil­li­ams said.

Fel­low Durban cast mem­ber Sor­isha Nai­doo, who shocked view­ers when she said voet­sek, also described this sea­son as toxic, adding that her apo­logy for using that word didn’t make the final cut.

“I was sur­prised and stressed. I was dis­ap­poin­ted in myself. I apo­lo­gised but it wasn’t in the final edit. That was a low moment for me. I didn’t choose viol­ence this sea­son, I chose myself and I chose to assert myself.”

Unlike Nai­doo and Wil­li­ams, whose experiences were tain­ted by the tox­icity, former Johan­nes­burg house­wife Christall Kay is still reel­ing from being excluded from the third sea­son of The Real House­wives of Johan­nes­burg, which premiered on Mzansi Magic this week­end.

Kay, who was embroiled in a cat­fight in season 3, said the Johan­nes­burg iter­a­tion was “the most toxic”.