‘Loyalty is everything’ king Monada left his fans with stomach cramps after cracking these jokes

Limpopo boy left his fans with smiles on their face again after cracking a new joke with them.

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Almost everyone in Limpopo loves King Monada because he is a simple humbled person who loves to socialize with everyone. King Monada’s life confuses many people. It is not easy for one who doesn’t know King Monada to point out him when he is in public because he just wears like other people and like all boys he drinks Black Label.


He even socializes with almost everyone in his village, he doesn’t discriminate against people according to their situation. He took one of the mentally disturbed people in his village who is known as Peulwane and make friends with him. He even produced many songs about himself. Not only that but he takes care of him in almost everything including, food, clothes, and accommodation.

King Monada is well known as a humorist, together with Peulwane there is always happiness and people laugh.

This time around king Monada dropped his picture using a chain as a belt and drank a black label. On top of that, he said, “loyalty is everything.”

People laughed and asked if he is talking about his trouser that is locked with a chain and a giant lock?. Only to find out that he is about to drop a new song about loyalty is everything.