Lovey Dovey: Nonhlanhla Met Keke’s Mother, Here’s What People Noticed

It’s time to meet the parents, Gabsile asked Keke how he thinks his family will react when they see Nonhlanhla. “His family is welcoming, they will apparently welcome Nonhlanhla, what matter is if he loves her”. Keke was ready to introduce Nonhlanhla to his mother because he is serious about their relationship.

Nonhlanhla is in love, she is willing to risk it all for Keke. She is ready to get married to him, she is hoping everything goes well. Her sister asked her how and when her relationship with Keke started, she was in love from the first moment she saw Keke, it is a “love from first sight” thing.

Keke loves Nonhlahla’s personality, “you will never be bored when you are with Nonhlanhla”. Although Keke was in a love triangle, he wanted Lilanga but he eventually chose Nonhlanhla because he apparently loved her too. Keke was engaged for seven years on his previous relationship, Lefa (Keke’s brother) was a bit worried about how fast Keke and Nonhlahla’s relationship is going.






Keke has two children, Nonhlahla does not have children yet. Keke’s mother welcomed Nonhlanhla but people noticed that she was not impressed with what she was wearing, she probably thought she would wear dress, she apparently believes in “first impression last”. She hopes her future daughter-in-law does not drink alcohol, Nonhlanhla told Keke’s mother about her drinking on special occasions. Keke’s mother was not really convinced, she said they all say that.

Keke Hohlo is originally from Bloemfontein, he is currently residing in pJoburg for a better life. Nonhlahla’s mother welcomed Keke but she was ready to pop those hard questions. She asked him about his intentions with her daughter, Keke managed to answer all questions. “He is indeed a smooth talker”, although Nonhlahla’s mother had her doubts about how fast they got engaged but everything went well.

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