Love is in the air for Buhle Maseko and he’s not afraid to show it!




  • “To share or not to share?” That is one of the most important questions celebrities have to consider when they realise they’ve fallen in love, and when Buhle Maseko decided he would share, he told TshisaLIVE he had a plan in mind.

The Skeem Saam actor, who recently turned 27, said he’s been in a relationship with an “amazing” woman. He said he made the decision to share a portion of his love life with  fans because he didn’t want to keep any secrets.

The love of his life, Tsholo Lolwane, is a data and social media analyst. 

“For me, it’s no secret that I am in a relationship and it’s been a while now. It is no secret. People that follow me know that I am not afraid of sharing that fact, but I also try not to bombard people with details of every aspect of my relationship. Here’s the thing, if you are going to be all up in people’s faces telling them how in love you are, then you can’t turn around later when or if things go bad and say I want my privacy. So, I post her and she does the same but we are only giving a certain amount of it because we are constantly growing as well.”

Buhle said the decision was also a product of growth.

“I feel and say that one of the things I appreciate about my life is the constant growth. Growth in all aspects of my life. At 27, I must say I am more calm about everything. I am at ease when it comes to my space in the industry and just in life. I am definitely in a good,”

That calmness has even helped him deal with industry woes.

“The industry and social media have ways of making you feel out of place or unsure about yourself. There are people always trying to break you down. That’s why you need to be secure in who you are and what you do.”