Loolove leaves her fans all mushy with a cute moment between her and the twins.

As a public figure there comes a point in life where you have to make a decision of whether your children are going to be celebrities as well or they will make that decision on themselves. That’s why most celebrities don’t post their children and families. They want them to make the decision themselves just like they made the decision as well.

Lootlove is a television and radio presenter. She’s been in the industry for many years now. She currently working on Africa now and doing an amazing job. Her love for music and being a presenter has sent her to Coachella days back.

She’s a mother to beautiful daughters Hip & Hop. She shared them with rapper Reason. She rarely posts them or even shows their faces. But today she made an exception. She shared a cute video of them together and we are smitten with them. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over them.