Look What Somizi Was Spotted Wearing At The Durban July

Today was a day filled with joy to many people in the country as they spent their time networking and looking stunning. The day was filled with fashion where people all over the country were serving content. This event had over thirty five thousand people and it was for the first time being hosted ever since the corona virus outbreak. After two years, they finally decided to host the event.




Somizi took it social media platforms to reveal that he had checked at Durban yesterday. He wanted to prepare for the event comfortable and to avoid traveling today. He is a South African popular award winning television presenter, businessman and reality TV star. He is one of the influential celebrities in the world with over millions of followers worldwide.

Some people have revealed that they are more impressed with the good work that he does and others revealed that they are impressed with his fashion sense. He has been making it to social media trends because of his reality TV show that has caught the attention of people in the world. Although he has been dragged countless times he remains to be fearless at all times. Today he was on top of his game at the Durban July event.

As always Somizi always leave people amazed when dressing up and most importantly he has his own dressing sense. He is one of the stylish people in the world known for having an expensive taste. He looked really stunning on his outfit and really served content to the world on his yellow styled suit. Messages of complimenting have been pouring out as people were left impresses by his outfit Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.