Look what security Officer did to Makhadzi, Picture went viral

Makhadzi is one of the South Africans artist who are currently in the top now when it comes to bookings and so many other things which influences and has to do with music. In the meantime you cannot speak about South African music industry and not speak about her name , particularly when it comes to women , she is part of the women who are currently on top.

Many of the South Africans continually praise her for being humble and her conductivity when it comes to people from time to time , she is definately one of the most humble South Africans musicians in the meantime across the country and people i think should forever praise and defend her for such.

Usually when people are on top in politics turn to misbehave from time to time , some will even change their cultures of which people knows them for , that is difinately the culture of a human being in the republic of South Africa and how people always behave




Many of the South Africans were currently surprised on how a security guard to the former miss South Africa can behave in that particular way to one of the most famous South African artist in the meantime , it is definately uncalled for and something we cant condone at all in the republic of South Africa

When she was in a process of greeting fellow women , the security guard was witnessed in the picture trying by all means to stop her from finishing what she was doing in that particular process.

Many of the South Africans in the Social media spaces raised their concerns in regard to this issue indicating that they are concerned with regard to the issue and the issue was not spposed to happen in that particular way