Mzansi noticed about Konka Club that left everyone speechless.

Ever since it was opened early this year .Konka has taken South Africa by storm .It has become the place for people with money to hang out even though its in Soweto.You find people driving Lamborghini’s, Bentley’s ,range rovers and Porsches at Konka .Thats when you know that this place is expensive.


Inside you find alcohol worth from R12 00 to R39 000 and even R59 000 a bottle .Imagine buying a bottle of alcohol that costs R59 000 just to get drunk for one night and the next day you wake up sober .

However konka has once again been exposed .An expert says that the production of a single Ace of Spade is R204 but how come at Konka you find it selling for R12k .What exactly are you paying for .

Konka has been said to be a place for money laundering where rich people who get money illegally come to clean it .That is why they charge such expensive prices .Of course prices of alcohol at clubs are more than the ordinary price but Konka is doing too much .


Also the fancy cars that people see outside at Konka are said to not belong to customers. That is why you see they stay the whole day there and even late at night and you wont see any customer driving away in the cars .Thats because the cars are hired as display. At the end of the day the company that rented them out comes and takes them away .Thats just one of the strategies they use to attract people with money .

As a person its important not to get influenced by such things .All the things you see happening there are not real .Some people even hire those expensive bottles just to flex and pretend

they have money all for social media .