Look what Makhadzi was seen eating this morning outside her house, look what alse people noticed

Makhadzi the musician from Limpopo posted a picture this morning showing people that she was eating vetkoek for her breakfast. Well people were concerned that she was eating many of them and there are actually not good for her health as a performer. She actually made is clear that she was eating them for the last time tille her show.

Most people enjoyed that he showed her house on the picture and that she is leaving her life happy not worrying about anything. Even after she became famous but she still enjoy being home and eating her favorite food. Most people can learn alot from her.





Some people got concerns after seeing a man on her yard wondering who was he. Because everyone knows that Makhadzi is deeply inlove with Master Kg. She can’t hide his feeling for that man and people love to see them together and that he is actually making him happy.

People enjoy Makhadzi’s music in South Africa that is my she was able to make her own show. There are actually lot of things that people can learn from this women. Most of these days she doesn’t mind showing off his family on social media. Even though there are people who used to criticize her because of her past.

But now she is enjoying her soft life at the moment. There are people who are worried about her relationship that if it’s ends she might lose her self. But at the moment Master KG is giving her tha joy that they want. And it’s hard to keep a couple happy.

In my opinion Makhadzi is allowed to eat anything that she feels like eating. And people should judge her just because now she is famous. People need to stop leaving their lives leaving up to social media.