Look what Major said to Namhla’s sister about the screenshots she posted

Sanga Nozitantaba seeks vengeance for her sister, Sister Singwa Namhla Mtwa, whose fierce darling Major was responsible for her death by being shot by a rival. She ensures that Major will be protected despite the fact that “nothing is being accomplished.” That Mayor Mthatha Tent’s posts were hacked and that she should delete all of the screen captures she sent via web-based entertainment has been established as a fact. It is shocking because, from all indications, they appear to be making preparations to kill her in the event that she continues to behave in such a horrific manner.

Sanga reached out to the general public for assistance in turning the name of her sister into an emotional topic so that more people would take note of their predicament. She claims that all Major is doing with his life is wandering around aimlessly and wasting away his years. As a result of the fact that she has insight into Major’s 10-year connection with his sister, she is terrified that she may end up becoming the next Victim.




“On the 21st of April, 2022, a someone fired numerous rounds at Singwa Namhla Mtwa when she was standing in the carport. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime. One of the individuals in question was really my sister.

The professionals continue to have significant issues with Major on a never-ending basis.

The Ngqeleni officer’s court in Mthatha, South Africa, on the eleventh of August, 2018, charged him with planning a murder and attempting to commit a murder; nevertheless, he was allowed to post bail in the amount of R50,000. It should come as no surprise that this person is suitable for carrying out murder.

You won’t be able to find him without running into legal trouble no matter how hard you try. It is concerning that the uMthatha police have not made any headway in this subject despite the fact that all of the evidence that is relevant to the investigation is available to the general public.”

“Considering that it’s been three weeks, it’s possible that they’ve decided to ignore it. We are worried that Mr. Bekezulu’s expansive organization may result in the case being tainted with corruption. Who knows, maybe they have their sights set on me as his next victim. Who knows?” She sent a message to her followers via Twitter.