Look How Uzalo Actors Look Like, When They Are Off Screen.

Uzalo appears to be South Africa’s most watched television show, with over 7 million viewers each day. Despite criticism that the show is tedious to watch and the storyline is tedious, it continues to be an even more popular show. The reason it is still the most popular show is that the majority of South Africans cannot afford alternatives such as DSTV; they prefer analogue television since it is free.

However, we don’t care how many times it’s viewed, as long as we pay attention to the characters in real life. The show has a cast of people who represent South Africa’s standard of living. We have the wealthy, the middle-class thugs, and the low-life thugs.

It’s so satisfying to see all the characters in their roles that we have a nagging suspicion that the person we see in real life will not be the one we see on television every day. You will be astounded by them as well. Particularly DK, you’ll be amazed at how he views his character.

¶ Mamlambo

Believe it or not, he is one of the show’s youngest characters. The strength of her outfit and make-up suggest that she is over 40 years old, despite the fact that she is just 30.

¶ Madlala & Madongwe

Madlala and Madongwe are those evil Christians who conceal their gossiping under the Bible, and Madongwe 38, believe it or not. Can you believe Zekethelo is older than Mamlambo and Madongwe?

¶ Zekethelo

When it comes to Zekethelo, he is 40 years old yet appears to be 25. He spends countless hours in the gym and drinks from the fountain of youth, which works wonders for him.

¶ DK



DK has that boy Tom hanging out with the crooks and handing them up as well, despite the fact that he does not resemble his character in real life.

¶ Mbatha

On the show, the most vicious, envious, vengeful, and cruel preacher was there. Thank goodness he is not like that in real life.

¶ Njeza

Njeza is a man who is willing to do anything, from stealing wires to feigning kidnapped, as long as money is involved.

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