Look How Ramaphosa Was Welcomed In London For His 2 Day Trip

Source: https://twitter.com/MandaKhoza/status/1594599554015547394?t=dbnPTAnGWF24xH5YlZd-cQ&s=19

President Cyril Ramaphosa has arrived in the United Kingdom where he is expected to meet with King Charles III. He received a warm welcome at the Stansted Airport in London ahead of the two-day state visit. Ramaphosa is honouring an invite made to him by the late Queen Elizabeth.

It is not clear what will be on the agenda for his meeting with the UK King Charles III, but back home many are lamenting that the president is travelling while leaving the nation in darkness.




This is after the power utility, Eskom announced that they will be intensifying their power cuts as they continue with the struggle to keep the lights on.

His trip also comes at a time he waits to hear about his fate over the Phala Phala scandal. Ramaphosa, considered one of the richest men in South Africa admitted that cash was stolen from his farm but has denied violating the constitution or his oath of office. He said it came from sales of rare cattle and game.

The 30th of November is when the independent panel report will be made public, and his backers argue that there is no case but just hearsay.