Look at What Papa Penny-penny did to a fan who asked to take picture with him at the restaurant

Topic: What Papa Penny Aye did to his fan, not many celebrities can do it

Many of celebrities in South Africa and around the world don’t want to seat with strangers, some it’s for safety reasons and some just develop the mentality that they are better than others.

But as for Papa Penny Penny, it seems like he fears nothing and enjoys to be around people without any boundaries.

A guy shared his picture with Papa Penny penny at the restaurant after he asked to take picture with him as many people do when they meet their celebrities.




After taking pictures, Papa Penny Penny even asked the guy to sit and eat with them. This is so generous and not many celebrities can do it.

“Met him last week, asked for a photo, instead he said come sit and eat with us. Papa Penny aye”, says Ngaketse.

Papa Penny whose real name is Eric Nkovane, is one of the originators of Tsonga Disco and has worked with different legends such as General Muzka who is also among the top-rated Tsonga Disco artists.

Source: https://t.co/Ucf4mEOlh4