Liteboho Molise ٍsimple last Apper for fans & real life

Her clothes are simple and beautiful, as she chooses to rely on simplicity and uniform bright colors, and her features are also very delicate.

But considering that she is all about her business, she’s one of the few actresses who live a super private life regardless of her career on television.Most of you know her as Teboho Mukhwevo from Muvhango, but when the director shouts “Cut” and the camera lights go off, Liteboho goes back to her regular life as a businesswoman and mom.
These are just some of the few interesting facts we’ve come to learn about the actress.
Origin and career
The 30-year-old actress was born and raised in Lesotho in a District called Butha-Buthe. She may be an actress but she studied political science and administration. In a tell-all SABC 2 interview, Liteboho admitted that her dream was not to study political science but to study drama theatre and music because she always thought that she was going to be a superstar.

Lerato Marabe is a South African actress who currently plays the role of Tebogo Mukhwevo in SABC 2 drama,  Muvhango. Liteboho Molise is also an elegant businesswoman and mother of one. Talk about beautiful actresses who live superprivate lives, her name pops up. She is beautiful  and super sexy but she dodges attention. How does she do that?

Her light skin, curvy body and dark eye might fool you to believe she is Xhosa but wait, she is not even South African. Liteboho Molise hails from a place called Maseru under the District of Bhuta-Bbute in Lesotho.

Although she is a top notch actress, Liteboho did not study anything to do with drama or music. Liteboho studied Political Science at the National University of Lesotho, although her heart wished her to study Drama &Theatre. Over the years, she took up business classes and mentoship which has culminated in her running a cosmetic business. Indeed passion overrides relevancy.

Her dream of becoming a superstar were almost shuttered when she failed to lend a role in Muvhango twice. The directors had a soft spot for Liteboho after she failed to lend a role on the first audition  and she received a call back but still could not get a role the second time. Persistence finally paid off the third time when she landed the role of Tebogo Mukwevho and she has been shinning ever since .

It has been 8 years since she got infront of the camera but she has only appeared in Muvhango. Liteboho has rejected quite a number of roles in other shows because she fells Muvhango is her home. However, she does voice overs and commercial for Lesedi Fm as well as motivational speaking on radio.