Lita Mali continues to inspire women in Mzansi

Lita Mali is a beautiful entrepreneur, socialite and model who’s very popular on Instagram. Lita is what we call beauty with brains as she is also the owner of Elitt Steel which is an engineering company and her mission statement is to empower females.

She is all about women empowerment as she believes young women aren’t given enough work space in the engineering industry. Lita has taken up the responsibility of being more than just a model but also an inspiration to many young women in South Africa.

The gender gap in the engineering field is quite huge worldwide and women like Lita are working hard to be role model’s for young girls so that they can see that it’s also possible for them to be engineers.

She has since employed over 50 young women in her engineering company and she hopes to employ even more in the future as her company continues to grow. Lita hopes that other companies will also follow in her footsteps and empower young women in engineering .

Lita wants to inspire a future generation of female engineers and to help make a difference and change in Mzansi. She has since received numerous awards for her amazing work .