List of South African actors attacked by fans because of their television roles

Though we believe the entertainment industry is full of the glitz and glamour we see on our screens, being a celebrity is not always comfortable. Some actors are going through the worst experiences of their lives as they are being harassed because of their television roles.





Some of the roles portrayed by actors are chosen for them by the producers of the show. Whether the character is good or bad, actors portray it wholeheartedly. However, some bitter fans don’t understand that performing a villain role doesn’t necessarily mean actors behave that way in real life.List of actors attacked by fans
Nkanyiso Makhanya aka Njeza

Nkanyiso Makhanya: Image source @Instagram
Nkanyiso Makhanya: Image source @Instagram
Njeza is an actor we all hate to love and is currently playing a role in SABC 1’s Uzalo as Njeza. Nkanyiso Makhanya is known to viewers as a child star. On-screen, Njeza was in a relationship with Nosipo and he became abusive. Nosipo would always defend his abusive lover on many occasions and briefly quit the relationship. Despite attempts to leave the abusive relationship, she always finds herself sucked again into the abusive relationship, which breaks fans’ hearts. However, reports indicate the actor was attacked by some fans at a local mall; they slapped Njeza telling him to stop abusing Nosipo, or they would kill him.

Zonke Mchunu aka Imani