List of actors who dumped Scandal for Greener pastures

Since 2005 we have been entertained by the television drama series Scandal which airs on ETV at 1930pm. We have seen some of Mzansi’s finest actors being included in the drama over the past years. Up to now the television drama series is still managing to make us stay glued to our television screens.



Here is a list of actors and actresses who dumped Scandal for greener pastures in the year 2021.

  • Lusanda Mbane who played the role Boniswa Langa
  • Patrick Mofokeng who plays the role Mlungisi Ngema
  • Hungani Ndlovu who plays the role Romeo Medupe on Scandal
  • Mamba played by Simo Mangwaza
  • Gorbachev played by Khulu Skejana
  • Brighton Ngoma played by Quinton
  • Xolile Langa played by Langa Sivenyathi Mabuya.

Xolile Langa played by Sivenyathi Mabuya.

Xolile Langa is the latest actress to leave Scandal as she will last aired on the show on Friday. The actress has confirmed the news on her Instagram page. On Etv Scandal she will pack her bags and go to Bisho, this is how she is going to exit the show.

“So on Friday we said a very subtle peace out to Xolile Langa. Yes I can now finally say it out loud that we won’t be seeing her for a while”

“To exit the very same way she came into our lives was homage to the true nature of her being… putting family first.
That’s what we had in common; the love of family.”

“I can say so much about Xoli… but what will always stand out is her growth. From being Xolile Langa, to Xolile Langa Mayiza, to finally Xolile Langa-Medupe. And what a journey that was!”

“I’ll never forget this opportunity.”

Boniswa Langa(Lusanda Mbane)



Lusanda Mbane exited the show after 5 years of playing Boniswa Langa and has now joined ETV’s soapie Imbewu.

“ What a journey! Five years ago I took on this warm, mother-natural queen Boniswa Langa, who cared about nothing else but the wellbeing of her family. Little did I know she would evolve into the cold, calculated villain our audiences have come to love to hate,”

Patrick Mofokeng

Patrick Mofokeng as Mlungisi Ngema 

Mlungisi Ngema played by Patrick Mofokeng left Scandal to join another telenovela Lingashoni which airs on 1 Magic channel. On Lingashoni he will be portraying as Mr Cele. Mlungisi Ngema confirmed his Scandal departure on his Instagram account.

“When I told them I was leaving, it was the most difficult meeting I had ever had because there were tears in the boardroom, but I am happy with my decision because I needed growth and change,”

Brighton Ngoma(played by Quinton Nyathi)



Brighton Ngoma who is well known for playing the role Quinton on Etv Scandal bids farewell to the show after 12 years with the Production.

After the tragic accident that resulted in Quinton’s death ushered in the latest family to hit the streets, the Kubekas, Brighton is ready to move on to the next big project.

According to TshisaLive news Brighton felt that it was time to Quinton go after portraying the role fo 10 years and being part of the Scandal production for 12 years.

“Having played the character for so long, it was only a matter of time before the journey came to its natural end. I see it as growth.

“I can only hope that the fans are as moved as we were when we performed the storyline. Death is sometimes the beginning of new, greater things. His newfound love for Dintle is probably the biggest heartbreak as a result of his death,”

“You can only grow once you’ve left the comfort of the nest. I hope to make everyone proud with the roles I am playing, as well those to come in the future …

“To Quinton, I’d say, ‘thank you for the journey, the lessons, the life’,”

Hungani Ndlovu.



Romeo Medupe played by Hungani Ndlovu last appeared on Scandal as a dead person on 16th of August 2021.

Simo Magwaza and Khulu Skejana

The two departed Scandal at the same time. Mamba and Gorbachev killed each other after Mamba find out that Duma was Gorbachev’s son