Lindiwe’s Jealous Boyfriend Won’t See Heaven, He Is Allegedly The Reason Why She Dumps Scandal

More tragic information have emerged. Their relationship ended because Lindiwe’s boyfriend was too jealous. The fact that she left Scandal because of him should tell you something.

It would make sense if it were a husband, but it’s actually a jealous lover. It’s illogical; after all, he’s just a boyfriend who could easily break up with her tomorrow, and then she’d be left wondering why she gave up her career in the first place. The fact that her lover can’t see that what she’s doing on TV is where her talents lie is, you know, kind of depressing.

She feels really called to the work she is doing on television, and it is clear that this is her destiny. What you get when you combine a talent with a natural aptitude for something. Although this is a tragic turn of events, hopefully her boyfriend will still love her after everything she has done for him. Her boyfriend’s behavior is unacceptable, but we can only hope that he will never forget what she has done to support them.





etvScanda actress Lindiwe Ngema ‘Nomvelo Makhaya’ dumps etvScandal for her jealous boyfriend