Lindiwe from Scandal and her boyfriend looking stunning in similar outfits.

There’s something about love that will have you doing things that you would not normally do. Many of us have been victim of it many times. We meet people who change our mindsets about certain things and lead us into doing things we wouldn’t normally do. That’s the beauty of love.

Nomvelo Makhanya is an actress, Youtuber and MC. She’s mostly known for her role in Scandal, where she’s played Lindiwe since she was a teenager. She’s now grown and has ventured in things that she’s interested in. She’s one of the coolest celebrities in Mzansi.

Nomvelo is finally opening up to her fans about dating. The actress has been sharing pictures of herself and her boyfriend. She’s a gone girl and she’s not afraid to show it. She shared their recent couple outings was at Black Coffee’s Grammy celebration where she was the MC. He gladly went with her as her plus one. The two looked amazing together.