Limpopo:Makhadzi Dumps Open Mic Production and launches her own Makhdzi

Makhadzi dumps Open Mic Production and launches her own production company. we encourage other successful music artists to start their own companies so that they can be able to sign upcoming artists and develop them.

If we can have many record labels we will have many artists who will be developed financially and be able to be groomed musically in the music industry.

Below are comments made by people.


Summary for lazy people to read: I am no longer with Open Mic, I am grateful for the growth that came with our partnership. I am now on my own, having my own company called Makhadzi Entertainment.

No wonder Open Mic has been on a signing spree. They need a new cash cow. Congratulations on your new company.

My Limpopo queen of bolo house music. congratulations you have done a lot my queen please grow us in your own music production open mic production ladder a foundation.