Limpopo:king Monada’s House Caused A Stir After A Fan Discover Construction Error See Here

I like king Monada house but isn’t that part without columns dangerous or am assuming things.

Building yourself a house is a need because you cannot be able to start your own family without a house where you will be able to stay with your family and children.

it is every man’s responsibility to make sure that his kids are safe and they have a proper place called their home we encourage young people to start planning for their future and build them self houses.





King monada’s fan has discovered something which appear to be construction error that was done when they were building the house.

Below are comment made by people.

Our generation is growing so different. Old topies used to feel that living in the city is class but this boys are making villages look down at the city life. This is a huge success. We should all learn from this guys.

Your generation is busy destroying our towns and cities with shacks,illegal electrical connections and crime. If you want to prosper in your village stay in your village,your will thank me later.

In Limpopo we make our own boreholes. We were never spoilt with luxurious things like water.