Limpopo:Big Zulu Meet Mizo Phyll In Thohoyandou Thavhani Mall

Mizo phyll has been in the music industry for a very long time and releasing good music and one of the special character about Mizo phyll is that you continue to love and preserve the Venda culture which is very important up-to-date mizo phyll continue to rap in his home language venda.

it is very nice to see artist from different provinces coming together because it is through music which can be able to unite people and also artist to come together and enjoy the beauty of music.



Big zulu was performing in Limpopo Thohoyandou News Cafe where he was able to meet his fans and also local incision such as means of him who has been dominating in the ven Rap music genre.

Below are comments made by people.

If if this type of concept are continually being in Thohoyandou many young people will be able to see the value of music because many young people in Thohoyandou who look up to music no longer release music because of the situation.

but if we can continue to have event like this and be able to book them and pay them good money they would be able to be motivated saying those that are already know international performing with them in the same stage.

We hope to see you again performing in Thohoyandou add artist to be able to learn from big zulu but even if you are performing in your own law which does not mean that you should only perform in your area you should go and explore other provinces so that you can be able to meet your fans.

It is really nice to see our mizo phyll performing in Big event with international artist because he has been in the music industry for a very long time and continue to pave the way for many young artist.