Limpopo: King Monada Turns 41 Years See His Birthday Celebration See Here

King & Queen’s Birthday Well Celebrated thanks to all the people who came through You guys are truly a blessing from God. I cannot thank you enough for being there for us.

King monada is a musician here in the Limpopo province as he is only for making hit songs and he’s been working with different artist especially here at home in limpopo such as prince benza, makhadzi, mukosi and many more.

We are in an era of working together because as an artist alone cannot make it he will need others who will also contribute through their experiences that they have encounter in life and help you produce a quality music that will accommodate many people and help you grow.




King monada celebrate his 41 years birthday with his family and friends this is a good memory because when you celebrate something with your family it is so nice because it brings family members together.

Below are comment made by people.

Happy birthday King Solomon, ooh i mean Monada,have a blessed day and see this day till your children becomes grand parents.

Happy blessed birthday to you . Wishing many blessings on you and your family. Fabulous day you should have. Hip hooray.

Happiest anniversary to me n you my king it was 2019 when i remember very well .. N Happy birthday my love God bless you always.

Happy birthday dear may God grand you with more yrs and everything that you touch turn into gold. May our living God continue to bless you and ur family hip hop hooray .