Limpopo comedian meets his favourite DJ Lamiez Holeworthy. Check what he did on the pictures

Thabo Mokiri and Lamiez Holeworthy have finally met after a long time. There was a huge laugh on social media the moment after Mokiri tried to have the same look as Lamiez. She has not been against him and all along she also wanted to meet him. They were both happy to meet in person and took pictures together. They have not mentioned what they will do next since they have met.

Thabo has been making jokes because he is a comedian and he started with voice notes from Whatsapp. They were then shared across social media platforms and people wanted to know who was behind the voice clips. As for Lamiez Holeworthy, she has been a DJ for a long time and she got a lot of attention as the wife of Khuli Chana. They are both entertainers from different angles.






The pictures that Thabo made have been circulating over social platforms and they have now gotten more recognition since they have met. Maybe Holeworthy will share them as Mokiri would have come up with his version of the initial picture. Getting fame is something that you will never know at what point people will know about you. It is being creative and having people loving the content you share with them.

It is very important to continue doing what you have introduced to the fans or followers. Words coming from Kevin Hart, “You don’t start something you are not going to finish; you start something, then finish it. You don’t quit.” There is nothing you are going to get besides knowing that you have decided to throw in the towel. It is not easy when you are not doing well, but there is no response as expected.

If Lamiez and Thabo had given up, they would have arrived at their destination and possibly met. Zakes Bantwini had to be in music industry for more than ten years for him to get a Sama award. If it was someone, they would have quit or given up on making it or getting recognition like an award. Working within the world of art is not an easy way to get a breakthrough.