Like Father Like Son: Watch Big Zulu and his son’s video getting haircuts

Big Zulu, a rapper and hitmaker from South Africa, has experience making headlines and trending because he has been in the business for a while. On social media, the musician seldom ever posts images of his family or personal moments. The rapper does, however, have a wife whom he wed according to customary law, as well as a boy and a girl.

Siyabonga Nene, better known by his stage as Big Zulu, posted a video of himself and his son getting haircuts on Instagram. In the video, his son Shaka received a haircut first and was praised for it. Next, Big Zulu received a haircut and joined in the celebration with his kid. The rapper’s fans adore the father-and-son challenge team, as he captioned the video.
Watch the video of Big Zulu and his son at the barber below:

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Some fans have remarked on Shaka’s cuteness and his cheery smile. The couple obviously enjoys spending time together whenever they have the chance. Many people’s hearts have been won over by Young Shaka’s smile on Bg Zulu’s comment area. The two were at Legends Barber, which also posted the clip on Tik Tok to promote their services.
Big Zulu’s cheating scandal that almost rocked his marriage

When Big Zulu rose to fame, many of his admirers were aware that he was residing with his longtime partner Lebogang Makenete. They had a daughter together and were legally married. But when Big Zulu rose to fame, he cheated on his fiancée with public relations expert Bulelwa Nazo, with whom they had a son named Shaka. The young child in the video who is ecstatic to get a haircut with his father is this kid.

Big Zulu and wifeBig Zulu and wife-Image Source(Twitter)

After it was revealed that Big Zuly had paid lobola, the revelation made headlines recently. Although the bride he paid for was not identified, Mzansi guessed that she was the woman who tagged Big Zulu on Instagram while dressed in Zulu garb. Many of the rapper’s followers still believe that he and his wife are still together even though there hasn’t been any word of a breakup.
Big Zulu released a song yesterday

Big Zulu has been promoting his brand-new single, Voicemail, on his social media accounts since it was published yesterday. Rapper rarely discusses his personal life on social media and instead utilizes them to promote his music. The rapper’s fans have liked witnessing him share these tender moments with his youngster.