Libo from Big Brother Mzansi shares pictures of himself from David Tlale runway

No one saw it coming that Libo from Big Brother Mzansi will be doing such an amazing job as a model. Last night he walked the runway for David Tlale winter/autumn fashion, he did an amazing job. I love the fact that he is now working with David Tlale full time, he is very good at this modeling thing.

Libo is a man who dresses up very nicely, he knows how to make up an outfit by using different colors. His fans are supporting him through this amazing journey in fashion and design.




Libo has been supported by the likes of Vyno, who is his best friend from a long time ago. Fans are saying that they would love to see Libo going international, he deserves more opportunities.

Libo is making his fans from Big Brother Mzansi proud, and we wish he does not forget his fans when he is one top.