Levels: Reality star Musa Mseleku’s garage leaves Mzansi wondering about his net worth

Musa Mseleku’s cars – Source: Instagram”/>After reality personality Musa Mseleku’s million-rand garage was made public, Mzansi was in awe. A well-known reality personality and businessman from South Africa, Musa Mseleku is well-known in the entertainment sector. His contentious polygamous marriage has been in the news a lot lately. As a result of his newfound celebrity, he has been making a lot of money thanks to his ambassadorial roles and reality shows, which have filled his pockets to the brim.

He has led a glamorous life despite having a large family. He enjoys driving high-end vehicles, just like other famous people before him. He has recently shared with us the struggles of his family while keeping the rest of his life hidden. We have, however, been able to piece together the details of his exotic fleet among the chaos.




Reality star Musa Mseleku’s cars – Source: InstagramReality star Musa Mseleku’s cars – Source: Instagram

Nevertheless, sources claim that Musa Mseleku has at least fifteen cars registered to his name. Mzansi is confident that several of the cars displayed by his wife are on his list of vehicles, despite the fact that he is rarely seen driving luxurious automobiles.

In recent years, the gregarious business magnate has been observed driving a Toyota Prado V8, a Chevrolet, and a Mercedes Benz ML SUV. In addition to the Mercedes-Benz SUV, he owns a limited C-class line. His Toyota Prado V8 has a retail price of R1037,700, whilst his Chevrolet limited costs a staggering R1 million.

In the year 2019, he made waves when he presented his four wives with new, stylish automobiles. According to reports, he gave his wives a white Mercedes Benz sC180 with personalized license plates. According to rumors, he spent R120 000 on each automobile. Mzansi has been attempting to make sense of his business empire and wealth amidst the chaos.

Reality star Musa Mseleku’s Reality star Musa Mseleku’s cars – Source: Instagram

He began his career as a journalist. However, he then shifted his focus to the fast-food industry and amassed wealth there. Being an entrepreneur full-time enabled him to become one of Mzansi’s most successful business magnates. His famous business empire has led him to the small screen, where he takes Mzansi through his day-to-day existence and the difficulties of a polygamous marriage. Since then, he has been successful in recent times. According to the rumor mill, his estimated net worth is R50 million.

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