Levels: Master KG’s Jerusalema scores gold in United States, His new net worth will stun you

Master KG has changed the course of history that he had established for himself. After becoming the first South African musician to sell more than 500 000 copies of a song in the United States, the acclaimed Limpopo musician is on top of the charts.

However, the world has been propelled into the golden position of the United States as a result of these massive sales. He joins a long list of African musicians, including Akon and P Square, who have accomplished this in their distinguished careers.

David avid Guetta, Master KG, Akon: Image Credit @Instagram

Master KG featured Nomcebo Zikode, a well-known vocalist. He’s been winning big lately, no doubt. Despite the fact that it was published three years ago, the smash-hit dominated conversations last year and this year.

Master KG: Image Credit @masterkgsa/Master KG: Image Credit @masterkgsa/

Jerusalema’s golden status, on the other hand, has come with some significant royalties awards, which have more than doubled his net worth. The breakthrough single has topped practically every music chart around the world and is one of the most popular songs on streaming services.
Master KG’s Jerusalema scores gold in United States, new net worth after 500 000 copy sales stuns Mzansi



According to rumors, Master KG, the well-known DJ and producer, had a net worth of R37 million as of 2021. However, through royalties and other initiatives, he has managed to double his net worth, with the golden plaque being one of the most significant parts of his doubled net worth.

Master KG with his Ferrari FF – Image Source : Instagram @Master KG MusicMaster KG with his Ferrari FF – Image Source: Instagram @Master KG Music

As a result of his newfound global renown, his worldwide tour was a huge success, and he toured the globe with his Jerusalem world tour. In the United States, Italy, and France, he has sold out gigs.

He was one of the most booked acts back home, and close sources say his appearance fees in South Africa were not less than R25 000.

Master KG showing off his new Porsche (Source [email protected])Master KG showing off his new Porsche (Source [email protected])

It was, however, something else beyond the African horizon. According to rumors, these shows helped him earn more than $1 million in ticket sales in the United States. To commemorate his remarkable career, he has been given a new set of wheels, resulting in the unusual limited edition Ferrari and Porsche models.