Letoya meets with Zahara

She is being supportive to Zahara through this difficult time. Zahara even cried after seeing Letoya hugging her. She knows that Letoya is one of the most generous people around her. Zahara is a good person too that is why she is getting so much support from her close friends.

Zahara is currently working on her concert to raise the money to save her house. Zahara knows what it means to save her career and she needs all the support she can get. Letoya is being there for her because she believes in her talent.


Zahara is also celebrating Youth Day as she is wearing a school uniform. She looks very good on it. In my opinion I think Zahara will definitely find a way to get her life back because of the support she will be getting from her friends and fans all over South Africa.

Sources: https://twitter.com/letoyamakhene/status/1537443206895239170?t=Fmzu0_pXIXHZybnSWW4kTQ&s=19