Letoya Makhene’s husband of nine years comes to light.

Shock as Letoya Makhene’s husband of nine years comes to light. It might come as a shock to most to learn that Letoya Makhene was once married for 9 years before getting a divorce. She was married to a Zimbabwean man whom we do not even know about even on social media he is a ghost, however the two share three kids together.




However sources reveal that she was married to a Zimbabwean man who went by the name of Privilege Mangesi for 9 years that was before she realised that she fancied women not man or does she fancy man and women like Somizi it is still not clear whether she was in denial or she goes both ways.

The two apparently divorced after Priveledge Letoya’s husband got violent and abusive towards her this came after he lost a job. However despite being married to a high profile individual little is known of the two and it seems Priveldge has disappeared into thin air but rumour has it that he lost his citizenship and that he might be back in his home country Zimbabwe.

Well it seems Letoya has since moved on to another gender as she revealed that she was now in a happy homosexual relationship with Lebo Keswa who are now engaged.



The businesswoman Lebo shared how happy she was that Letoya said “yes” to her marriage proposal, shared snaps of her aunts, who she said came all the way from Free State to “fetch their bride”.