Letetswe and Mahlatse are both in love with Ntswaki but Letetswe said something that made her laugh

Letetswe and Mahlatse are in love with Ntswaki but Letetswe has already made a move on her

Ntswaki finally visited the Maputla house and they gave her a warm welcome. Meiki was proud of her because she was helping around the house. Meiki sent her and Pitsi to go to the shops to buy her a few things.


On their way back from the shop, Ntswaki asked Pitsi to show her a shop that had a pool table and he did. He showed her Charlie’s shop. They both went there but when they arrived, Pitsi wanted them to go because he did not want to get in trouble with her grandmother. Ntswaki gave him her phone so that he could play a game and he took it and sat down.

Meanwhile, Ntswaki spoke to Mahlatse and Letetswe and told them that she is visiting for the holidays. They were both stunned by her beauty and Letetswe decided to make the first move.

Ntswaki laughed at him and called them to come and play pool with her.

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