‘Lesego’ Keke Mphuthi’s husband buys her a beautiful car.

Keke Mphuthi is probably one of the happiest women in the country after she received a new ride as a present from her man. The actress announced that her husband had bought her a new car and posted pictures.

Taking it to Instagram to share her happiness with fans, Keke mentioned how grateful she is to her husband for the expensive gift. In the caption, she wrote:


Keke Mphuthi's husband buys her a car-

‘His promises are “YES & AMEN”… Yesterday Papa blew me away with a surprise gift A CAR!!.. I’m still in shock and lost for words. Everything you promised to be and give to me you have delivered without fail. I thank God for you day and night…My boys are truly the best duo. Kea leboha Molimo le Badimo ba rona for YOUR CONSISTENT CONFIRMATION, GUIDANCE, LOVE AND PROTECTION.’

In August, Keke Mphuthi and her husband made headlines after the actress whisked her man away for five days to Capetown to celebrate his birthday. It was a surprise for him that she put together. The actress shows love for her family. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of all the things they do together or for each other. She says that her husband is very private, but we can see that the guy does not mind doing a lot for his wife.

Keke Mphuthi’s husband buys her a car

The 30year old actress has been in the limelight since she bagged the role of Lesego in the hit series Unmarried. She has been featured in two Ferguson productions, The Queen and The Throne. The actress was caught in a scandal when she came out that the Fergusons fired her from The Throne because she fell pregnant and refused to abort. The Fergusons, however, denied her allegations completely. That scandal has jeopardized her role on Unmarried. She was not cast in the next season even though she was one of the lead actors.