Lesedi Matsunyane reveals how lonely she is.

Connie Ferguson is no doubt one of the most loved and also one of the most beautiful icons and hard working ladies in South Africa and there is no doubt about that.

She has been in the media industry and also entertainment industry for more than 20 years now and she is still going very strong.



She has two very beautiful daughters and a grand child who she loves very much and always posts on her social media page.

Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson is her first born daughter who she had from her previous marriage.

Lesedi has a child and she is a great mother and a hard worker as well.She was the cast co ordinate at the Ferguson Films and she helped a lot of people reach to their full potential.

She recently took it to her instagram page and twitter handle as well to say that “ today reminded her of how lonely she is when she came home with sore feet and no one to was there rub her feet”