Lesedi FM’s veteran radio personality, Thuso Motaung makes serious allegations against Thabo Kofa

Lesedi FM’s veteran radio personality Thuso Motaung has accused award-winning SABC sportscaster Thabo Kofa of plotting to kill him, his wife and their children. SABC sportscaster Thabo Kofa is accused by Lesedi FM’s veteran radio personality Thuso Motaung of plotting to kill him, his wife and their children. The shocking claim is contained in the recording of a virtual meeting held by Lesedi FM staff and management.



In the recording, which was leaked to Sunday World, Motaung could be heard accusing Kofa of orchestrating attacks on him and his family over work-related issues. Motaung, whose Sunday show Makgulong A Matala is the flagship of the Sesotho radio station, lamented that his children were threatened with murder by people close to Kofa.“Kofa, who I have worked with for over 30 years, and also lived with in Diepkloof, has caused me pain,” Motaung can be heard saying. He said the people who confronted his children claimed that he was abusing Kofa at work.

“My son was at Sechaba’s Place [popular car wash in Bloemfontein] when he was told that my wife and I are destroying Kofa.“If my kids get attacked or killed, Kofa will take the blame. When it happens that I get attacked and killed in the streets, it will be Kofa and his people.”

Motaung claims the reason some people hate him so much is because his wife is the radio station’s manager.“Basically, I was not supposed to have married her. Mamontha (his wife) never knew that she was going to be a manager of Lesedi FM. She went to school for her job,” he fumed.
My kids have been confronted and told that I am abusing Kofa and that I am evil. Kill my kids, it’s okay. I am going to leave Lesedi FM, I am not here to die. We are under attack. What do our kids say when they read on social media that we’re bad people? I have never abused Kofa. People laugh with me while they know they hate me.”Motaung, who was lashing out while Kofa was listening, labelled him an enemy of Lesedi FM, adding that he is one of the presenters who dish out useless shows that garner low ratings.

He said this group of presenters go on to blame him for their failures. It’s all Thuso’s mess. I am being bad-mouthed everywhere. They can talk, I wish them all the best. Mamontha entered the fray and stated that she was going to deal with Kofa.

“As the head of the station, I am so disappointed about what you did, Thabo Kofa,” Mamontha can be heard saying in the recording.

She said Kofa, who has been with the station for many years, wrote a letter to management raising his concerns, but turned around “and caused problems”.

“Your intentions were clear that you wanted to cause chaos within the station. That is not going to be allowed.

“Your arrogance will never work. We have a right at the station to deal with you when you bring chaos.”

Mamontha said Kofa is the one who went on social media to bad-mouth the radio station and the Lesedi FM staff. This whole thing has been escalated, whoever encouraged you or your group to go on social media, know that we are not going to tolerate that,” she said.

“We are not going to let you off the hook, we will deal with you harshly. I didn’t get a favour to be where I am.” SABC spokesperson Mmoni Seapolelo said: “The SABC does not discuss employee related matters in the public domain and therefore cannot comment”.