Lesedi FM presenters shows their pictures while at work, check them

Lesedi FM is one of the most followed radio stations in the country with above 4million people in this country listening to the station every day, and this milestone has been made possible by their presenters who are always interacting with the listeners every day on the social media platforms.

This has made things easy too. know their presenters well because they are always talking to them when they are outside air so that they can check them, about the activities that they are taking every day when they are at home where they spent time with. their families.

Last night Dj lovers started to. introduce Lehlohonolo Motueka who is the news presenter in the station, and many listeners were happy to see the presenter in the station because it’s been a long since the station has not introduced the new presenters who are well talented to bring more followers.

Ba2gada also posted his picture this morning when he was presenting the local top 30 where he continued to make jokes about the picture that he was posting on the show, we’re he praised the new phone that he is using because it’s the one that made him look more good on the picture.

But many people still believe that all their presenters are looking good and they are entertaining and that’s the reason that today we have compiled, the pictures of many presenters to see how they are doing while they are behind the microphone so that you can understand them better because they are the ones that make sure that you have a wonderful day at home.