Lesedi FM prepares to host the biggest event on their 62nd birthday, see details


Tough lockdown restrictions has been making things difficult for many stations to host different events around the country since the president introduced lockdown, in 2020 after the Covid19 pandemic hit the country so hard were it forced the government to stop the movements of the people around the street.




But this year things has gotten to normal as many stations are allowed to celebrate their birthday, by hosting huge events in the country where they can invite a different artist to come and entertain their listeners.

Lesedi FM is one of the stations that is celebrating their 62 birthday this month and they have organized a special festival, on the 11 June 2022 in Bloemfontein we’re artists will be making sure that they entertain their listeners at the event.

Presenters like Dj Skuzabell and Lerato Mpopo are the ones that will be hosting the festival that day and all listeners are invited to come.