Lerato Nxumalo is one of the most talented actresses in real life

So Paid, Lerato Nxumalo’s salaries at Lingashoni and Durban Gen compared.

Lerato Nxumalo has earned herself a spot in the hearts of many South Africans with her acting skills and flair on both Durban Gen and Lingashoni. In the wake of Lerato landing her role in Durban Gen as a medical intern alongside Nelisiwe Mthethwa and Fanele Ntuli, she warmed her way into the limelight. Her character is the perfect mix of sweet and strong, and many people relate to her as an average person.









Lerato’s role as Dr Luthuli was her debut role in the acting industry. Many showrunners wanted her in their productions after that. Luthuli was a first-year intern at Durban General hospital with Mbali and Zondo. She was the quietest of the bunch and always tried to do things the right way. Her friends cut corners and cheated to get the good surgeries.

Lerato was the youngest of the bunch, and her age made headlines as she was only 22 years of age. Her salary was leaked last year, and she was taking home an estimated R45 000 per month. This depended on the number of scenes she took on.

Lerato Nxumalo’s Durban Gen and Lingashoni salaries compared
After leaving the medical drama series, Lerato Nxumalo joined the cast of Lingashoni, playing the role of Mpumi. She is the first child and only daughter of Mandla Cele, a businessman who survived when his wife tried to kill him. Mpumi is married to Donald, who is the son of Robert, a dangerous police minister. She currently faces many problems with her mother-in-law, who believes she stole her job from her.