Lerato Marabe Look at pictures of from SkeemSaam

Lerato Marabe aged 22 plays the role of Pretty Seakamela on Skeem Saam. Lerato has been part of the show from the day one. On the show she is the last born of MaNtuli and Seakamela. She is nosy, she is always in people’s businesses. Remember when she first started dating Katlego Peterson his grandmother was not happy. Koko Mantsha told Katlego that Pretty is a gossip monger just like her mother MaNtuli. Though Koko Mantsha warned Kat about the relationship he didn’t listen because he was blinded by love.



But in the end their relationship ended like Koko Mantsha predicted that their relationship was doomed. Their relationship was meant to fail from the beginning, if you remember very well Kat took Pretty from Nimza and he lost her the same way he got her. He lost his girlfriend to a big shot called Lehasa.