Lerato Kganyago Was With Pearl Thusi Last Night And This Was Said About DJ Zinhle, See This

Friendship in the world of celeb ville never lasts and this has been proven in many instances, what was considered friendship between radio presenter Lerato Kganyago and DJ Zinhle become something they probably did not expect.

We can never really know which friendships are genuine and which are not because for the longest time, we thought Lerato Kganyago, DJ Zinhle and actress Pearl Thusi were the closest of friends.

They were probably really close friends at some point and things obviously changed, we cannot tell when, but there have been some assumptions.

Some time ago, Lerato Kganyago took to Instagram to reveal how she made an attempt to greet DJ Zinhle at White Lounge in Sunninghill, but the DJ ignored her.

For her to take this to social media might have been something she should not have done because one would assume that she has DJ Zinhle’s number and she can find out what happened.

Or if she does not even have the contacts, then it means they were not as close as people thought they were and she should not have been surprised by the reaction she got from DJ Zinhle.

And with this whole thing, something must have gone wrong somewhere, otherwise, why would DJ Zinhle ignore Lerato Kganyago?

There is a lot of drama surrounding this, but when it comes to Pearl Thusi, it seems like she does not have a problem with DJ Zinhle. But now, the thing is that, she also does not have a problem with Lerato Kganyago or at least, that is how it seems.

Last night, Pearl Thusi and Lerato Kganyago were at The Secret Door in Pretoria and they took a picture together, obviously this caused a stir.

There were claims that they tried to hard to make it seem like everything is good between them, there are people who claim that the two were not on speaking terms, but this cannot be confirmed.

Then, there were comments that Lerato Kganyago and Pearl Thusi are friends because of DJ Zinhle and in a way, some people felt that, Pearl Thusi kind of betrayed DJ Zinhle.

It may seem like people wanted Pearl Thusi to inherit beef, but people can only talk about what they would want to see and that is pretty much all that they can do.

When it comes to what is going on in this particular matter, there would have to be some clarity from the ladies or at least, one of the ladies.

There are too many assumptions and this is just confusing, but the women are mature enough, surely they can sort out any issue they have if ever they feel like there is a need to do so.

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