Lerato Kganyago wants friendship with Musa Khawula?

“Not so long you were crying about him, now he loves you? i’d say stop entertaining this manic cause you will cry Lerato”, said a tweep. It is not a secret that most celebrities hate Musa Khawula for exposing them and calling them names.

He even drag them for weeks all day long thats what he did to Mihlali Ndamase after the allegations of her dating Maryjane Sidambe’s husband, but Leroy Sidambe came and defended her with a statement.




According to Lerato Kganyago’s tweet, “I want to take Musa out soon” tweeps couldn’t help it but warn Lerato that she should stay away from him as Musa Khawula is no good.

But it seemed as that was just adding paraffin on fire, as Lerato kept on saying that she checks his page as people always tag her, she also mentioned that she think he loves her and he just doesn’t know how to tell her. “Am not even mad at him as long as he doesn’t swear at me am good”, she said.

According to Musa Khawula apparently he calls her Bonang lite, and that on my personal opinion is to degrade someone or even worse to make them copycats.

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